Write React components that make your team go "wow"

As a developer, it’s easy to get exhausted with new tech. ANOTHER JavaScript library? Come on. Breaking change to my team’s biggest dependency? Yikes. Another set of docs to read…?

On the surface, React Hooks seem like just another thing to learn. I mean, they’re not required to write React apps, so why waste time learning the ropes? Well, as much as I sympathize with shiny new tech fatigue, here’s what I believe:

React hooks are your secret weapon

I’ve been writing React for years now. I’ve published a book on it, and I have pretty strong opinions about how to do it well. In fact, writing really good React at a fast pace is pretty much solely responsible for my success as a developer.

If you spend any time working on the front end… and you can quickly produce beautiful, effective React, you WILL make an impact on your team.

Making an impact = getting promoted = more money

Hooks are a game changer. They make it incredibly easy to write reuseable logic that makes your components WAY more readable.

But they’re a little tricky to learn, which means they’re under utilized. Which means if you can master them…

That’s what I mean by secret weapon.

Learn quickly

So, I put together a course. It’s short and sweet. No fluff, no filler. It’s pretty cheap. And it will make you a way more impressive React developer.

Seriously. After this course, you’ll feel 100% confident using hooks in your code. You’ll be able to each everyone on your team to do the same.

You’ll start becoming “the React guy/gal”, which, when it comes to one of the most used libraries of one of the most used languages in modern development… is a damn good thing.

Here’s everything you’ll learn: - LIST

The course costs $30. That’s thirty bucks to become a much better React developer.

Think about how much that could be worth in your career.

And, of course, there’s an 100% money back guarantee. I stand by what I make.

Buy now.